Hublot and Depeche Mode have released a collector’s edition series of unique Big Bang watches to benefit charity: water!
“Depeche Mode are iconic in the history of contemporary music. We identify with their passion, stronger now than ever, and with their constantly growing creativity. We are lucky enough to share many values with them, including the commitment of the activities of the charity : Water NGO. These new collections plays tribute to their incredible career while aptly celebrating our common ground. A new collector’s edition grew out of this!” (Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO Hublot)

This unique piece of the collection is even more exclusive as a Roland JP-08 synthesiser accompany the piece. The Roland JP-08 is a limited-edition synth module from the Roland boutique series, paying homage to and recreating the sounds of the legendary Roland Jupiter 8 Synth, used by Depeche Mode. Legendary luggage manufacturer Rimowa has created a cabin size Topas stealth suitcase in anodized black aluminium to showcase this unique collection. This sleek custom-made case will protect each package, the unique time-piece, the synth, corresponding vinyl single certificate of authenticity signed by the band.

Hublot Big Bang Depeche Mode S...

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